Volunteers Needed for Northern Nevada Pride July 26

WashoeDEMS will support the local LGBT community by participating in this colorful and fun event at Wingfield Park onSaturday, July 26.  If you're interested in helping with voter registration and sharing information about our wonderful slate of Democratic candidates, please contact Fred Cooper atfred.i.cooper@sbcglobal.net.  Thanks.  

Democrats Making News

Holiday Mixer with Our Elected Officials Including our new BLUE Reno City Council!

Please plan to join us Tuesday, Dec. 2, at 5:30 PM for a Holiday Mixer with our elected Washoe County Democrats, including the members of what is now a BLUE Reno City Council!  We will have food and beverages and lots of Democratic camaraderie.  We look forward to seeing you at the Mixer!

WHAT:    Holiday Mixer with Elected Officials
WHERE:  WashoeDEMS HQ, 1465 Terminal Way
WHEN:    Tuesday, Dec. 2, at 5:30 PM

Senator Reid's Statement On President Obama’s Immigration Executive Action

Washington, DC –  Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement on President Obama’s executive action announcement, November 20:


“[Thursday's] immigration announcement is great news for families in Nevada and across the country. Millions of families in our nation and thousands in Nevada will no longer have to live in fear of losing a loved one to deportation. The President’s executive action will not only keep families together, it will enforce our immigration laws in a way that protects our national security and public safety. It will strengthen our economy by creating new jobs and allowing these families to fully contribute to the only country they call home.


“The American people have waited for us to fix our country’s broken immigration system. The Senate passed a strong bipartisan comprehensive immigration bill over a year ago that would have permanently fixed our broken immigration system. Sadly, House Republicans have demonstrated that they are more interested in playing partisan politics than doing what is right for our country. They ask for more time but we have given them plenty of time, 511 days to be exact. The House let millions of families languish while passing measures to revoke Deferred Action and deport DREAMers, leaving the President no option but to take matters into his own hands.


“The President’s executive action is a good first step; however it is only a temporary solution. President Obama is doing what he can within his well-established constitutional authority but nothing replaces Congress acting on comprehensive immigration reform. So today, while I thank President Obama for his decisive action, I ask my Republican colleagues to put their partisan politics aside and focus their efforts on passing legislation that will permanently fix our broken immigration system. I will continue to fight until we make immigration reform a reality.”


A Message From the Nevada State Democratic Party



What the Wave Dragged In: Mark Hutchison and the New, Aggressively Anti-Hispanic Nevada GOP  

By now you have probably heard that Nevada Republicans had a good election day two weeks ago.


But when you get beyond the headlines, there are some key facts about the election results that will haunt the Nevada GOP, starting with this: Governor Sandoval couldn’t win a majority of the Hispanic vote even in a wave year for Republicans in which he ran virtually unopposed.


There is a reason Nevada Hispanics cannot stand Nevada Republicans and it’s called Nevada Republicans.


By now you have probably heard about Ira Hansen’s record, the new Speaker of the Assembly who seems to enjoy using the term “negro,” called Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. a “hypocrite,” “liar,” “phony” and a “fraud,” said women have no place in the armed forces and compared undocumented immigrants to bank robbers.


Speaker Hansen is the type of Republican who will define the tenure not just of Governor Sandoval, but of his newly-elected Lieutenant Governor Mark Hutchison. This is why smart observers are already speculating that Nevada Republicans will soon rue the election that brought Hansen and Hutchison together.


So let’s meet our new Nevada Republican Party – the party of racist statements, extreme antipathy towards Hispanics, aggressive defenses of Cliven Bundy – and much, much more!


Meet Lieutenant Governor-Elect Mark Hutchison, an out-of-touch millionaire who opposed DACA and called Mexico a “third-world country.”


·      Mark Hutchison is an out-of-touch millionaire who owns at least 6 different homes in four different states. [Clark County Tax Assessor, Parcel No. 138-20-115-018; Clark County Tax Assessor, Parcel No. 138-18-411-001; Clark County Tax Assessor, Parcel No. 138-31-216-001; Nevada Secretary of State, Entity Number LLC20275-2003; Nevada Secretary of State, Entity Number LLC6898-2003; Hutchison & Steffen; Iron County Recorder, Parcel No. A-1115-0003-0000; Utah County Assessor, Serial No. 41:284:0036; Nevada Secretary of State, Mark Hutchison Financial Disclosure Statement, March 30, 2012; CNN Money, February 4, 2012]

·      Hutchison led the charge in Nevada to take away access to affordable healthcare. (Supremecourt.gov, accessed April 24, 2014)

·      Hutchison opposed the deferred action program which has prevented thousands of Nevada DREAMers from being deported. [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 9/3/14]

·      Hutchison tried to dilute Latino representation in politics by packing Latino voters into as few districts as possible. [Sebelius Column, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 6/29/14]

·      Hutchison called Mexico a “third world country” at a TEA Party rally.  [Tea Party Rally, 4/15/11]


Meet Assembly Speaker Ira Hansen, proud owner of extreme views on race, gender and immigration, among other things.


·      Hansen tended to use the term “Negro” and said African-Americans and the Democratic Party have a “master-slave” relationship. [Reno News & Review, 11/20/14]

·      Hansen said women have no place in the armed forces.  [Reno News & Review, 11/20/14]

·      Ira Hansen Compared Undocumented Immigrants To Home Intruders.  [Sparks Tribune, 10/10/09]

·      Ira Hansen compared undocumented immigrants to bank robbers. [Las Vegas Sun, 5/26/2012]

·      Ira Hansen Said He Was Insulted That An Undocumented Immigrant’s Child Who Was Born In The U.S Is Granted Citizenship.  [Sparks Tribune,10/10/09]

·      Hansen: “we’ve been brainwashed into the phobia of ‘racism.’” [Sparks Tribune, 10/10/09]

·      Hansen Sponsored A Bill That Would Impose Penalties And Restrictions Similar To Arizona’s S.B. 1070.  [Nevada News Bureau, 4/6/11]

·      Hansen’s Bill Would Impose Voter ID, Restrict Eligibility To The Millennium Scholarship And Prohibit Undocumented Students from Getting Driver’s Licenses.  [Nevada News Bureau, 4/6/11]

            ·      Hansen Called Martin Luther King “A Hypocrite, A Liar, A Phony, And A Fraud.”  [Nevada               News & Reviews, 11/20/14]


            ·      Hansen Opposed Naming A Local Park After Martin Luther King Because He Claimed  African-Americans Had Started Rejecting Martin Luther King.  [Nevada News &  Reviews, 11/20/14]


Meet Crescent Hardy, Cliven Bundy’s biggest fan and defender.

·      Crescent Hardy has said he stands by Cliven Bundy even after Bundy’s “let me tell you about the negro” remarks. [MyNews3.com, 10/07/2014].

·      Hardy compared the Employment Non-Discrimination Act to “segregation.”

·      Hardy said Nevada needs temporary immigrants who aren’t “drains on society.” [Headquarters Opening, 8/28/14]

·      Hardy opposed the bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform compromise passed by the Senate. [Headquarters Opening, 8/28/14]

·      Hardy would have voted with Rep. Joe Heck in killing the deferred action program.  [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 8/10/14]


Meet Michael Roberson, the Nevada Senate’s top Republican, who called giving DREAMers scholarships a “loony idea.”

·      Roberson opposed giving legal status to undocumented immigrants. [NV Concerned Citizen Survey, 2010]

·      Roberson said giving Millennium Scholarships to undocumented immigrants was a “loony idea.”   [Nevada News Bureau, 10/18/10]

Meet Nevada Senate Assistant Majority Leader Ben Kieckhefer, who said an undocumented immigrant’s possible death did not constitute a “true emergency.”

·      Kieckhefer defended denying emergency dialysis for an undocumented immigrant because, even though the patient would die without it, it wasn’t a “true emergency.” [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 8/16/09]

Meet Secretary of State-Elect Barbara Cegavske, who wants to make English Nevada’s official language and sponsored an Arizona-style “show me your papers” bill.

·      Cegavske sponsored a bill to make English the official language of the state of Nevada. [S.B. 188, 2/25/13]

·      Cegavske sponsored an Arizona style bill to check immigration status after arrest.  [S.B. 380, 3/21/11]

·      Cegavske sponsored and voted for denying in-state tuition rates and the millennium scholarship to undocumented students.  [S.B. 415,3/19/07; Final Passage, 17-4, 4/24/07]

·      RGJ Columnist called Cegavske “inhuman and hypocritical” for punishing undocumented students for their immigration status.  [Sepulveda Editorial, Reno Gazette-Journal, 4/22/07]


Members of the Nevada Assembly who opposed legislation to grant undocumented immigrants legal status include:


· Assembly Majority Leader Paul Anderson Opposed “Legislation To Grant Legal Status” To Undocumented Immigrants. [NV Concerned Citizen Voter Guide, 2014]


· Assemblyman John Hambrick Opposed “Legislation To Grant Legal Status” To Undocumented Immigrants. [NV Concerned Citizen Voter Guide, 2014]


· Assemblyman Erv Nelson Opposed “Legislation To Grant Legal Status” To Undocumented Immigrants. [NV Concerned Citizen Voter Guide, 2014]


· Assemblyman Lynn Stewart Opposed “Legislation To Grant Legal Status” To Undocumented Immigrants. [NV Concerned Citizen Voter Guide, 2014]


· Assemblyman Randy Kirner Opposed “Legislation To Grant Legal Status” To Undocumented Immigrants.[NV Concerned Citizen Voter Guide, 2014]


· Assemblyman Jill Dickman Opposed “Legislation To Grant Legal Status” To Undocumented Immigrants. [NV Concerned Citizen Voter Guide, 2014]


· Assemblyman Victoria Seaman Opposed “Legislation To Grant Legal Status” To Undocumented Immigrants.[NV Concerned Citizen Voter Guide, 2014]


· Assemblyman Brent Jones Opposed “Legislation To Grant Legal Status” To Undocumented Immigrants. [NV Concerned Citizen Voter Guide, 2014]


· Assemblyman Jim Wheeler Opposed “Legislation To Grant Legal Status” To Undocumented Immigrants. [NV Concerned Citizen Voter Guide, 2014]


· Assemblyman PK O’Neill Opposed “Legislation To Grant Legal Status” To Undocumented Immigrants. [NV Concerned Citizen Voter Guide, 2014]


· Assemblyman Vicki Dooling Opposed “Legislation To Grant Legal Status” To Undocumented Immigrants. [NV Concerned Citizen Voter Guide, 2014]

A Post-Election Message from State Chair Roberta Lange

Similar to the DNC’s top to bottom assessment of the election, NSDP will be digging deep into what worked and what did not work in 2014.   We have lots to do as we prepare for the 2016 cycle which will feature our first in the west Presidential Caucuses, Senator Reid’s re-election, a historic Presidential campaign and the opportunity to win back legislative seats lost in 2014. 

We must now assess what we did during the election cycle by talking to volunteers, activists, candidates, elected officials and voters from across the state.  


This process will be collaborative and we will need your help to ensure it is successful.  I look forward to working with our leadership team and executive board on the blueprint for this assessment, but I would like to announce three initiatives in advance of our quarterly meeting next Saturday:


1.    A statewide assessment survey – All SCC members and volunteers will receive an invitation to participate in the online survey so we can get feedback on the party’s 2014 programs and what we need to do better in the future.


2.    A series of strategic forums – Designed to be small and collaborative, these forums will be open to all County Chairs, Club, Caucus and Affiliate Chairs, SCC Members and volunteers.   These moderated forums will allow members to work together to make recommendations to the leadership team and staff on what we could have done better in 2014 and how we can prepare for 2016 and beyond.


3.    Statewide Chair’s Councils - A key piece of feedback we have universally received is that the party must do a better job communicating with our key constituency groups.  To that end, I will be appointing several Statewide Chair’s Councils.  Each Chair’s Council will be made up of activists, community leaders and business leaders of a particular constituency group.   These Councils will provide a direct line of communication between the constituency group and NSDP leadership.  Examples include AAPI, African American, Veterans and Military Families, Labor, Education, Hispanic, Women and Seniors.  We currently have statewide organizations for Young Democrats, the LGBT Community and Rural Nevadans.


It is my hope that these initial steps will play an integral role as we create our strategic plan for the next two years to hold Republicans accountable and prepare for 2016.  Together, we have built one of the strongest state party organizations in the country and together we will emerge from the 2014 cycle stronger and more united than ever before.

Marriage Equality Comes to Nevada!

In a decision that affects thousands of Nevada couples, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has struck down Nevada's discriminatory ban on same-sex marriage.  It is an almost indescribable feeling knowing that ALL loving couples in Nevada are now free to marry.

Here is a statement from Senator Harry Reid:

Washington, DC – Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today after the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of marriage equality in Nevada:


“This is a good day for Nevada as today's decision puts us on the side of equality and the right side of history. Our state and our country are strengthened by our diversity. No longer will gay and lesbian Nevadans be told that their committed relationships are less than those of straight couples. With the Ninth Circuit’s decision, gay and lesbian Nevadans will soon be able to enjoy full recognition, respect and protection of their right to love. I want to commend the hard work of advocates at the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, Freedom Nevada and throughout the country who were able to make this day a reality for thousands of gay and lesbian Nevadans.


“As we move forward in Nevada, let us also continue to work to ensure the same rights are extended in the states that still deny gay and lesbian couples this right. We have much work to do to achieve this goal.”

And in a statement from Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Roberta Lange, we're reminded that Republican candidates in Nevada remain steadfastly opposed to equality:

"Unfortunately, nearly every Republican in the legislature voted to uphold this discriminatory ban; including Mark Hutchison (candidate for Lieutenant Governor who just last week reitered his opposition to same-sex marriage), Michael Roberson (NV Senate Minority Leader), and Barbara Cegavske (candidate for Secretary of State).  The Republican candidate for Attorney General, Adam Laxalt, said he would have fought to uphold the ban on same sex marriage if he was Attorney General.  Republicans were wrong then, and their outdated views on marriage equality and equal rights are just as wrong today."


Remember October 7, 2014 - the birth of marriage equality in Nevada!

Local Progressive Radio Has New Time Slot

Take a listen and support liberal talk radio!

“Nevada Matters with Chip Evans”, our only liberal talk radio show in Nevada, has moved to Mondays from noon to 3PM.  The show broadcasts live on KRNG 101.3FM from the America Matters Studio at the Reno Town Mall.

It’s an open studio and you are invited to come to the studio any time. The program is also
heard online worldwide at www.renegaderadio.org and on smartphones using the TuneIn Radio app.  During the show, there are posts to Facebook.com/nevadamatters and to LinkedIn and Twitter about the discussion.

Call ins welcome as well to 827.8900.  Take a listen and support liberal talk radio!


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