Volunteers Needed for Northern Nevada Pride July 26

WashoeDEMS will support the local LGBT community by participating in this colorful and fun event at Wingfield Park onSaturday, July 26.  If you're interested in helping with voter registration and sharing information about our wonderful slate of Democratic candidates, please contact Fred Cooper atfred.i.cooper@sbcglobal.net.  Thanks.  

Democrats Making News

Time to Speak UP!

GOP wasting no time passing bad bills in Carson City


Reduce workers’ wages?  Check.

Guns everywhere?  Check.

Religion in the classroom?  Check.

Photo ID to vote?  Check.


This is just a short list of the bills Republicans are attempting to ram through the state legislature.   But we can stop the madness if enough of us speak up loudly and clearly. 


Please consider joining one of our active Citizen Lobbying Teams.  These are made up of concerned voters who are speaking up on behalf of themselves, their families, and their communities.   The schedule of Team meetings is below. 


At the very least, we ask you to contact your Assembly member and your Senator to voice your opposition or support for certain bills.  These are some of the most troublesome bills, as well as some we must support.  We've also provided convenient links to sites where you can see who your legislators are and make direct email contact with them.


The time to act is NOW!  Share your opinion on bills with your legislators here! It's easy; just click this link and choose the bill you want to comment on!  Let our lawmakers know how you feel.

Oppose These Bills:


AB2: This bill would allow firearm owners to carry their weapons in their cars on K-12 school grounds, NSHE campuses, and child-care facilities, which is currently illegal.  Guns on school grounds will increase, not decrease, the likelihood of violence. Further, UNR Police Chief Adam Garcia notes that this bill would create the added danger of these weapons falling into the wrong hands in case of a burglary. 


AB109: Another bill to overburden employee unions.  This bill requires employee organizations to prepare an annual report, which can be audited by the Legislature, even though these organizations are private and receive voluntary contributions.  This bill does not make the same requirements of any other private businesses or organizations.


AB120: Religion in schools.  According the ACLU of Nevada, this bill is an "unnecsary and unconstitutional attempt to subject students to prayer and proselytizing at school events.  It muddues long-established First Amendement law."  The bill could subject students to unwanted prayer and attempts at conversion, and potentially lead to a slew of lawsuits.


AB121: The "Pop Tart Bill."  This bill would forbid schools from punishing students that play with toy guns or pretend to use a firearm on school grounds.


AB148: Campus carry.  This bill would allow concealed weapons on Nevada's college campuses.  Just like AB2, this bill would only increase the likelihood of violence occuring at our state's schools.  NSHE students and employees across the state have expressed their dismay in editorials and student rallies.  


AB165: Private school voucher program.  This bill would give tax credits to businesses that contribute to a private school voucher program.  Vouchers for private schools take public money away from our public schools.  


AB190: This bill would drastically alter Nevada's retirement system, raising the contribution rates for current police and fire employess from 40.5% to 56.5%, seriously hurting our valued public employees.


SB119:  Prevailing wage.  This bi-partisan school construction bill was sent off the rails by the Republican addition of a provision that would suspend prevailing wage rules on school construction.   This bill is an assault on Nevada's working families.  It will lower the wages of all Nevadans and make it easier for construction companies to hire out-of-state wokers for taxpayer-funded school construction projects. 


SB153:  This bill will strip benefits from our police officers and firefighters as soon as they retire.  These benefits were promised by statute over 40 years ago. Our public safety employees deserve better!  


SB169: Voter ID.  This bill would require voters to show photo identification before casting a ballot in the state of Nevada.  According to Tod Story of the ACLU of Nevada, "voter ID laws are a discriminatory solution in search of a nonexistent problem.  Nevada's election performance is rated fifth in the county, so this bill is unnecessary, costly and discriminatory."  Voting is the right of every American, and we need to be expanding access to more Nevadans, not limiting it!  


SB175: This bill would allow domestic abusers, stalkers, and people accused of violent crimes to carry concealed weapons in our communities.  This bill could lead to more deadly shootings and further restrict the ability of local governments to keep communities safe.


SJR1: This resolution would ask Congress to transfer the vast majority of Nevada's public lands into state and private control. These lands are currently managed by the Bureau of Land Managment and the US Forest Service, and contain many high quality recreation areas and crucial wildlife habitat.  The US government loses up to $100 million a year managing Nevada's public lands, which is a cost our state simply could not bear. This resolution would take public lands out of the public's hands, likely resulting in the massive sale of our lands to private hands, cutting off access and allowing development in protected areas.

Support These BIlls:


SB164: This bill will prevent discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity or expression.

SJR9: This joint resolution expresses the support of the Nevada Legislature for Attorney General Eric Holder's commitment to ensure continued protection of voting rights in light of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Shelby County v. Holder.


Find your legislators here!  


Share your opinion on bills with your legislators here!  

Find your Senator's contact information here! 


Find your Assembly member's contact information here! 


View the legislative events calendar here!  


Hear the Inside Story!

Please join us Tuesday, March 3, when we'll get the inside scoop on the Nevada Legislature from our senior member of the Nevada Assembly, Assemblywoman Teresa Benitez-Thompson.  Teresa is an Assistant Democratic Floor Leader and a member of key committees, including Taxation and Ways and Means.  She's keeping a close eye on the GOP "leadership" and will share her inside observations.


Also joining us will be Zach Hudson, Communications Director for the Nevada State Democratic Party.  Zach has been relentless in calling out the destructive agenda being rammed through the Legislature by the right-wing majority.  He'll talk about how the Party is framing the real story of what's going on. 


AND, we'll get updates from our Citizen Lobbying Team Leaders.  


Final note on this meeting...this will be Janice Flanagan's last meeting at which she will preside as Chair of WashoeDEMS.  She has done a magnificent job representing the organization, internally and externally.  Come hear her message and thank her for the amazing job she has done!


This will be an important session.  Don't miss it!


What:    WashoeDEMS Membership Meeting

When:   Tuesday, March 3

              Social Time - 5:30 pm

              Program - 6 pm

Where:  WashoeDEMS HQ

             1465 Terminal Way, Reno

Join Us in Carson City for Sen. Harry Reid's Address to the Legislature


Please mark your calendars for Wednesday, April 1, when our own Senator Harry Reid will deliver his bi-annual remarks to the Nevada Legislature.  WashoeDEMS wanting to carpool can meet at HQ at 11 AM to arrive in Carson City in time for his speech at noon.  


Senator Reid is one of WashoeDEMS greatest supporters and we hope you'll help us show our appreciation by joining us on April 1.  

Some Recent Photos



Folks from Laborers Local 169, including former Assemblyman Skip Daly, center, take a selfie at the 2015 Crab Feed

Guests at Senator Debbie Smith's Crab Feed table sent their greetings for her speedy recovery -

Dennis Roy, Reno City Councilwoman Naomi Duerr, Tina Nappe, Laureen Garcia, Jessica Satre & Andrew Diss

Thanks to Brock Mayloth, Kristen Aaquist, and Kimi Cole from the Transgender Allies Group for a very informative presentation.


Congratulations to the recently re-elected Board of the Democratic Women of Washoe County:

CJ Miller, Alice Good, Lou Alanko, Patricia Gallimore, and Chair, Stacey Taylor


Top 10 Reasons to Vote Republican

1. You are a bigot.

It's true that not all Republicans are bigots. But if you ARE a bigot, the Republican party will be much more your group than the Democratic party. Remember that there are lots of ways to be a bigot: You could be a racist, a homophobe, an Islamophobe, or lots of other things.

2. You like eating, drinking and breathing poison.

Many Republicans are calling for or voting for shrinking or eliminating agencies that protect us against poison. They seem to think that the corporations will do the right thing, without any pressure from the government. Uh huh. Read The Jungle.  Look at the way Monsanto is hiding facts about Round Up. Look at food safety and outbreaks of E. Coli.  

Corporations exist to make money. They will do so any way they can. The government needs to stop them from doing so in ways that hurt people.

3. You think the rich don't have enough money.

The idea that giving more money to rich people (via tax breaks) will help poor people is nonsensical and has been shown wrong time and again in history. Huge tax breaks for the rich (a la George Bush) don't work.

4. You don't support our veterans.

The Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran's Association (IAVA) rates every member of congress on how well they support our veterans.  In the Senate, 9 people got A or A+: All were Democrats. 30 got D or F: 29 Republicans and one Democrat.  

5. You like big deficits.

Since the end of WW II the ratio of debt to GDP for the nation has gone down in 9 administrations (3 Republican and 6 Democratic) and up in 7 administrations (6 Republican and 1 Democratic).  The largest increases by this measure were GW Bush's 2nd term; GHW Bush, and Reagan's first term. The largest decreases were the three terms right after the end of WWII (Truman and Eisenhower). The last decrease under a Republican was in Eisenhower's 2nd term. source

6. You don't believe in free speech.

The American Civil Liberties Union is the premier defender of our civil liberties, including the right to free speech.  That's free speech for EVERYONE; from Nazis to Marxists to Fred Phelps to anyone else. They rate politicians, including governors, senators and representatives.  12 people got a 100 rating: All were Democrats. 65 people got a score of less than 10: All were Republicans. Only 6 Democrats got a score under 50 (Joe Donnelly,  Michael Ross, Collin Peterson, Joseph Shuler, Mark Critz and David Boren). Only 2 Republicans got scores over 50 (Olympia Snowe and Mark Kirk).  Full list

7. You like big government.

The Republicans like to claim they are against big government. It's a lie. They only object when government helps people. But they are supporters of the Patriot Act; they want the government to say who you can marry; they want the government to forbid abortion; they want the government to be able to spy on you without restraint. Unfortunately, many Democrats agree with them on some of these, but to find opposition to these big government ideas, you have to look to the Democrats.

8. You want government to hurt people, but not help them.

This is really just a summation of some other points.

9. You are greedy, short sighted and rich.

You really have to be all three for this to work.

If you're rich but not short-sighted, you know that, in the long run, when there is huge income inequality, it leads to things like stock market crashes and revolution, and everyone loses.  In a revolution, it is often the rich who lose most.

If you're rich but not greedy, you recognize that helping others is a good thing, and that the government assuring that people have a safety net is a good thing as well.

10. You like torture.

The Democrats don't exactly shine here, but the Republicans are much worse.  It was, after all, Dick Cheney who bragged in his memoir about being a war criminal. It was Don Rumsfeld who opined that a problem in Abu Ghraib was that they weren't torturing prisoners enough.  And it is mostly Democrats who have objected to torture.

Torture is wrong.  It's also stupid. It doesn't work. People who are tortured will say ANYTHING (true or not) that they thing their torturers want to hear.

Via Daily Kos

#MeetTheSweep: On Day 1 as SOS, Ethically Challenged Barbara Cegavske Initiates Attempted GOP Power Grab That Will Hurt Seniors & Military Families


Las Vegas, NV – Yesterday, within hours of being sworn-in as Secretary of State -- and possibly before she even unpacked the U-Haul she undoubtedly will bill the taxpayers for -- career politician, “morgue of ethics reform,” and “menace to education” Barbara Cegavske issued a press release confirming she will pursue a reckless Republican power grab that would make it harder to vote for Nevada seniors and military families. No – really – it was the second sentence in her first press release as Secretary of State. 


Even more laughable – in the same sentence announcing her attempted Republican power grab, Cegavske talked about her commitment to maintaining the integrity of Nevada’s elections. Integrity?  Please -- this is from the same politician who has spent two decades trying to kill nearly every attempt at reforming Nevada’s ethics laws, charged the taxpayers thousands of dollars for travel expenses and even billed the state to redecorate her office.  That’s a lot of things, but it isn’t “integrity.”


“Barbara Cegavske’s ‘voter ID’ scheme will make it harder for seniors and military families to vote and is nothing more than a blatant partisan attempt to help Republicans hold onto power,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson.  “Moreover, an ethically challenged career politician who charges taxpayers to redecorate her office is the last person to talk about ‘integrity.’  If Brian Sandoval actually means what he said yesterday about bipartisanship and rejecting “ideologues” he will call on Barbara Cegavske to abandon this partisan Republican power grab."


Read more about Barbara Cegavske's record on integrity and elections here and here.

A Message From Senator Reid's Office

Adam Jentleson, Communications Director for Senator Harry Reid, released the following statement today:

“Senator Reid is in Washington but on orders from his doctors he will not come into the office so that his injuries can continue to heal. He has been diagnosed with broken bones in his face and three broken ribs, as well as a concussion.

“Despite his injuries, he has been working every day, holding meetings with fellow Senators and staff. Senator Reid has spoken with President Obama multiple times since his injury and will continue to keep a busy schedule in the coming days.

“According to precedent, Senator Durbin, the Assistant Democratic Leader, will assume Senator Reid’s duties on the floor until Senator Reid’s doctors allow him to return.”

Senator Reid's Statement On House Republicans’ Latest Attempt To Deport DREAMers



Washington, DC – Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement following the latest House vote to deport DREAMers:


“Instead of voting on the Senate’s bipartisan bill to secure our border and fix our broken immigration system, House Republicans voted once again to deport DREAMers and their families. I will not bring this bill up for a vote in the Senate since it tears families apart while doing nothing to fix the real problems we face.


“Unfortunately for anyone who wants to see Congress fix our broken immigration system, the Republican approach is being dictated by the most extreme voices in their party. Republicans’ knee-jerk resistance to working with Democrats to fix this problem left the President with no option but to take action to protect families from being separated.


“While the President’s immigration announcement is good news for families across the country, it will be up to Congress to finish the job and enact a law that permanently fixes our immigration system. I urge my Republican colleagues to put aside their partisan political games and focus their efforts on passing a permanent, common-sense solution to fix our broken immigration system.” 



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