Volunteers Needed for Northern Nevada Pride July 26

WashoeDEMS will support the local LGBT community by participating in this colorful and fun event at Wingfield Park onSaturday, July 26.  If you're interested in helping with voter registration and sharing information about our wonderful slate of Democratic candidates, please contact Fred Cooper atfred.i.cooper@sbcglobal.net.  Thanks.  

Democrats Making News

Join WashoeDEMS for a Genuine Labor Day Celebration!

Head of Nevada AFL-CIO at WashoeDEMS Sept. 1


Labor Day has been observed in the US for more than 130 years.  And no, it was never intended as simply a day off from doing labor!


Danny Thompson, Executive Secretary Treasurer of the Nevada State AFL-CIO, will join us to discuss the true meaning of Labor Day and why we should all take the time to properly observe it.  He'll also take a look ahead to the 2016 election and what his plans are to make sure the 200,000 or so AFL-CIO affiliate members in Nevada help elect candidates up and down the ballot who support middle class working families.  


BONUS!  We'll also have, by Skype from Las Vegas, the Nevada Presidential Caucus Director, Cory Warfield, who will fill us in on the Party's plans to organize Washoe County for the February 20 precinct caucuses.  Staff will be on board here at HQ soon!


As usual, we'll have snacks and beverages - don't miss this important discussion!


What:    WashoeDEMS Membership Meeting

When:   Tuesday, September 1

              Social Time - 5:30 pm

              Program - 6 pm
Where:  WashoeDEMS HQ

             1465 Terminal Way, Reno


Get to Know WashoeDEMS Volunteer of the Month Jim Alanko



Jim grew up on a dairy farm in Owen, Wisconsin.  He sailed with the US Merchant Marines, was a full lieutenant in the Naval Reserve, and graduated from the United States Merchant Marine Academy with a degree in Marine Engineering. After that, Jim graduated from MIT with a master's degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.  Jim enjoyed a long career as a naval architect with United States Lines shipping company, and as a construction engineer with Mervyn's. 

Upon retiring, Jim decided to move to Reno and immediately got involved with the Washoe Dems.  He has always been interested in politics and believes electing the right officials is very important.  Jim has done a wide variety of activities with the Dems, from canvassing and making phone calls to driving in Vice President Joe Biden's motorcade.  Currently Jim mans the front desk on Wednesdays, serves as a member of the Washoe County Democratic Advisory Council and is the co-chair of the Voter Registration Team.

WOW! What a Wonderful Wine Tasting Event!


Thanks to everyone who attended our 2015 Sensational Summer Tasting of Wine and Food at the beautiful Duerr home & garden last Friday.

We relaxed with friends, sipped some great wine, noshed on fabulous food, and just had a good time.  Watch for the photo gallery on Facebook soon!

We have a lot of people to thank, so here goes.  So many people helped out, we hope we don't miss any of you!



Reno City Councilwoman Naomi and Herb Duerr


Wine Sponsors:

Senator Debbie Smith

Assemblywoman Teresa Benitez-Thompson

Assemblywoman Amber Joiner

Reno City Councilwoman Jenny Brekhus

Reno Firefighters Local 731

Democratic Women of Washoe County

Truckee Meadows Democratic Alliance

John Springgate

George Davis

Alice Good

Cecilia Colling

Mike & Laurie Haley

John Saludes

Deb Drum
Thelma Matlin

Dan and Elaine Carrick - winemakers



Marilyn Allen

Cecilia Colling

Fred Cooper

Pam duPre

Laurie Haley

Debbie Kladney

Bonnie Saludes

Raffle Prizes:

Bonnie Saludes

Pam duPre
Elaine and Dan Carrick

The String Beings:

Joan Kruse

Alice Good

Take the NV Dems' Pop Quiz on Congressman Heck’s Record! 

 Question 1:  What did Congressman Heck call Social Security?


a)   A program seniors rely on to retire with dignity

b)   A pyramid scheme

c)   Something that needs to be privatized

d)   b and c


Answer: d


Question 2: What did Congressman Heck say to a group of country club golfers about “anchor babies?”


a)   It’s an offensive term that should never be used

b)   It should be part of the debate on immigration reform

c)   Mr. Trump, I didn’t know you were here tonight!


Answer: b


Question 3: Congressman Heck voted multiple times to do what to Medicare?


a)   Protect it

b)   Strengthen it

c)   End the program as we know it by turning it over to private insurance companies


Answer: c


Question 4: Who is the most prominent Arizonan who Congressman Heck has campaigned with?


a)   Senator John McCain

b)   Singer Stevie Nicks

c)   Sheriff Joe Arpaio


Answer: c


Question 5: What did Congressman Heck call Nevada’s housing crisis?


a)   A serious problem that has caused too many Nevadans to be forced out of their homes by the big banks

b)   A blip on the radar

c)   A pyramid scheme


Answer: b, though we’d forgive you if you guessed c


Question 6: Congressman Heck has done what on the Affordable Care Act?


a)   Voted to keep it intact

b)   Voted multiple times to repeal the law without offering a legitimate alternative

c)   Voted to shut down the federal government so Washington Republicans could defund the Affordable Care Act

d)   b and c


Answer: d


Question 7: Which of the following has Congressman Heck supported?


a)   Tax breaks for corporations that ship American jobs overseas

b)   Banning abortion for rape victims

c)   Deporting thousands of Nevada DREAMers

d)   Cutting Pell Grants

e)   All of the above


Answer: e


Question 8: Which of the following has Congressman Heck opposed?


a)   Increasing the minimum wage

b)   Ensuring women receive equal pay for equal work

c)   Comprehensive immigration reform that secures the borders and provides a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants

d)   All of the above


Answer: d


NV State Party: Congressman Heck's Rhetoric vs. His Record

Las Vegas, NV – [Monday], before announcing his candidacy for Senate on a right wing radio show, Congressman Heck’s campaign released a web video that attempted to rewrite the history of Heck’s multiple terms in Washington.  While the video released by Congressman Heck’s campaign may have been appealing to the Washington Republicans pushing Heck’s candidacy, it failed to pass the smell test when Heck’s voting record is actually put under the microscope. 


Public Funds for Private Schools

Let's demand transparency and accountability

The 2015 legislative session may be over, but the work isn't done.  

Republicans approved what is being called the most far-reaching private/parochial school voucher bill in the country.  It redirects public tax dollars to private schools and home schooling.  

Nevada's very conservative state treasurer is in charge of writing the regulations for implementing the new system and, based on his public comments, wants to make a bad idea even worse.  

Our Citizen Lobbying Education Team is continuing to monitor this development. 

If you're interested in getting involved, please contact Fred at fred.i.cooper@sbcglobal.net.  


A copy of the Treasurer's workshop notice can be viewed by clicking on the attachment below.

Thank You to Our Affinity Partners and JJ Brunch Table Sponsors


2015 JJ Brunch Table Sponsors:


Friends of Nevada Wilderness

Sierra Club, Toiyabe Chapter


UAW Local 2162

Washoe Education Association

Shaaron Netherton

Sam and Mary Ellen McMullen

John and Bonnie Saludes

Fred Cooper and Alice Good

Matt Tuma and Alexis Hill

Chuck Zeh

Lyn Bremer


U.S. Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto greets guests at the 2015 Jefferson Jackson Brunch.



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