Volunteers Needed for Northern Nevada Pride July 26

WashoeDEMS will support the local LGBT community by participating in this colorful and fun event at Wingfield Park onSaturday, July 26.  If you're interested in helping with voter registration and sharing information about our wonderful slate of Democratic candidates, please contact Fred Cooper atfred.i.cooper@sbcglobal.net.  Thanks.  

Democrats Making News

Tickets Available Now for JJ Brunch with Catherine Cortez Masto!


We hope you have decided to spend Sunday, May 31, having brunch with U.S. Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto and your fellow Democratic activists at the Atlantis Casino Resort.  Tickets available here.


Catherine has been endorsed by Senator Harry Reid to fill his seat when he retires at the end of this term.  She has also been endorsed by Emily's List and has the support of the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee.  We MUST retain this important seat. 


So please plan to join us May 31 to show your support for Catherine Cortez Masto for Senate.  


What:     Jefferson Jackson Brunch

When:    Sunday, May 31

               Champagne Reception - 11 am

               Brunch - noon 

Where:   Atlantis Casino Resort

               3800 S. Virginia St., Reno

Tickets: $45 - Brunch Only

               $65 - Brunch & Reception

Please click here to purchase tickets!


A Message from the Democratic National Committee:


We're more than a year away from the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia -- when we'll actually choose our Democratic nominee and the 45th President of the United States. But we know one thing for sure: Having a wide range of progressive views in this race is good for the dialogue of our party and for our country.


And Bernie Sanders is a progressive champion. He's represented the people of Vermont for years in the Senate after 16 years in the House of Representatives. Throughout his career, he's been a fierce advocate for working families and has a strong record of supporting equal pay for women, working to raise the minimum wage, taking action on climate change, and fighting for an economy that works for the middle class. We couldn't be more excited to hear him to say he's in.


No matter what, Democrats share a set of principles that will ensure that President Obama's progress is defended and advanced. America will be a better place with a Democrat in the Oval Office, and this is a critical time in the race to support our party.


So welcome, Sen. Sanders, and thank you for saying you're in for 2016!


Catherine Cortez Masto Announces Campaign for United States Senate

Masto pledges to continue her lifetime commitment of protecting Nevada seniors, consumers, homeowners, women, and children in the U.S. Senate 

Las Vegas, NV – Today, in an email to supporters, former Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto announced her candidacy to represent Nevada in the United States Senate. Masto said her priorities as Nevada’s next Senator would be to continue her lifetime commitment of protecting Nevada seniors, consumers, homeowners, women, and children.

“I’m running for the Senate to continue my work standing up for Nevada seniors, consumers, homeowners, women and children,” said Masto.  “As Attorney General I held accountable the special interests that crashed our economy and fraudulently forced countless Nevada families into foreclosure.   I worked with local law enforcement to crack down on meth labs to help combat our state’s growing drug problem, protected domestic abuse victims and children preyed upon by sex traffickers, and looked out for seniors who have been cheated by scam artists.  As a native Nevadan, former prosecutor and Attorney General I care about the people of our state and that’s who I’ll be standing up for in the Senate.”

A native Nevadan, Catherine Cortez Masto is a proud graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno.  First elected Attorney General in 2006, Masto received more votes than any other statewide candidate in Nevada that election cycle.  As Nevada’s top law enforcement officer, Masto focused on keeping our communities safe by working with law enforcement to crack down on meth labs and put violent drug dealers behind bars.  She worked to protect Nevada seniors by creating a special unit to go after scam artists who target senior citizens.  During her time as Attorney General, Masto prioritized combating sex trafficking and protecting victims of domestic abuse.  She also held accountable the special interests that caused the collapse of Nevada’s housing market, including  forcing Bank of America into a historic $750 million settlement with the state of Nevada over their use of fraudulent foreclosure practices that kicked countless Nevada families out of their homes.

 Visit here to learn more about Masto’s campaign.

Time to Speak UP!


GOP wasting no time passing bad bills in Carson City


Reduce workers’ wages?  Check.

Guns everywhere?  Check.

Religion in the classroom?  Check.

Photo ID to vote?  Check.


This is just a short list of the bills Republicans are attempting to ram through the state legislature.   But we can stop the madness if enough of us speak up loudly and clearly. 


Please consider joining one of our active Citizen Lobbying Teams.  These are made up of concerned voters who are speaking up on behalf of themselves, their families, and their communities.   The schedule of Team meetings is below. 


At the very least, we ask you to contact your Assembly member and your Senator to voice your opposition or support for certain bills.  These are some of the most troublesome bills, as well as some we must support.  We've also provided convenient links to sites where you can see who your legislators are and make direct email contact with them.


The time to act is NOW!  Share your opinion on bills with your legislators here! It's easy; just click this link and choose the bill you want to comment on!  Let our lawmakers know how you feel.



Oppose These Bills:  





AB142 would eliminate the Nevada Department of Wildlife's authority to revoke hunting and trapping licenses based on the point-based demerit system used now.  Instead, courts and justices would be required to revoke licenses.  


SJR1This resolution would ask Congress to transfer the vast majority of Nevada's public lands into state and private control. These lands are currently managed by the Bureau of Land Managment and the US Forest Service, and contain many high quality recreation areas and crucial wildlife habitat.  The US government loses up to $100 million a year managing Nevada's public lands, which is a cost our state simply could not bear. This resolution would take public lands out of the public's hands, likely resulting in the massive sale of our lands to private hands, cutting off access and allowing development in protected areas. 





AB121: The "Pop Tart Bill."  This bill would forbid schools from disciplining students who simulate a firearm or other dangerous weapon on school grounds.


AB148: Campus carry.  This bill would allow concealed weapons on Nevada's college campuses.  Just like AB2, this bill would only increase the likelihood of violence occurring at our state's schools.  NSHE students and employees across the state have expressed their dismay in editorials and student rallies.  






AB120Religion in schools.  According the ACLU of Nevada, this bill is an "unnecessary and unconstitutional attempt to subject students to prayer and proselytizing at school events.  It muddies long-established First Amendment law."  The bill could subject students to unwanted prayer and attempts at conversion, and potentially lead to a slew of lawsuits.





AB109Another bill to overburden employee unions.  This bill requires employee organizations to prepare an annual report, which can be audited by the Legislature, even though these organizations are private and receive voluntary contributions. This bill does not make the same requirements of any other private businesses or organizations.


AB190: This bill would drastically alter Nevada's retirement system, raising the contribution rates for current police and fire employess from 40.5% to 56.5%, seriously hurting our valued public employees.


AB182 would eliminate union business leave, remove seniority from consideration in layoffs, remove supervisors from collective bargaining, and eliminate binding arbitration.  This bill would also eliminate evergreen clauses in contracts, which preserve an expired contract if another is not in place.   

AB249: Requires local governments to keep an unreasonably high percentage of funds in reserve, making it easier for them to declare financial emergency and cut workers' pay and benefits.  


AB280 would allow local government employers to choose between negotiating with an employee organization or simply prescribing their own terms.


AB356 would prohibit labor organizations from "threatening or attempting to coerce a business into complying with a demand."  This bill would also allow businesses to sue unions for the actions of their members.

AB436 is yet another attack on workers.  This bill would eliminate longevity pay for state employees, amounting to a pay cut for classified employees.  


SB241 would prevent school administrators from engaging in collective bargaining with their employers.  






AB253 and AB266 are both bills that would require voters to present photo ID at the polls.


SB169: Voter ID.  This bill would require voters to show photo identification before casting a ballot in the state of Nevada.  According to Tod Story of the ACLU of Nevada, "voter ID laws are a discriminatory solution in search of a nonexistent problem.  Nevada's election performance is rated fifth in the county, so this bill is unnecessary, costly and discriminatory."  Voting is the right of every American, and we need to be expanding access to more Nevadans, not limiting it!  

SB433 would end early voting on Sundays.

SB436 would require an inactive voter to provide proof of residence or a written affirmation before voting and would anyone planning on registering more than 50 people to vote in a year to register with the Secretary of State.






AB405: Forced Parental Notification.  This bill would endanger young women's access to safe abortion services by requiring Nevada physicians to provide written notice to a parent or guardian of a woman under 18 before performing an abortion.  This bill would also mandate a 48 hour delay before performing an abortion procedure.  AB405 puts young women in danger and restricts their access to timely services.  




Support These BIlls:


SJR13*:  Allows voters to amend the Nevada constitution to allow same-gender marriage.


SB164This bill clarifies existing law preventing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity or expression.


SB167: Weakened version of the Equal Pay Act.  This bill is a positive step, but it should be amended to add some teeth.  Employers who willfully discriminate should be penalized more than just restoring the back pay they should have paid anyway and a slap on the wrist.


SB353: Prohibits 'conversion therapy' for minors.



Find your legislators here!  


Share your opinion on bills with your legislators here!  

Find your Senator's contact information here! 


Find your Assembly member's contact information here! 


View the legislative events calendar here!  


Check Out Kate Marshall and Elliott Parker's New Series of Articles


Kate Marshall and her husband, Dr. Elliott Parker, have written a series of fascinating articles about issues that Democrats care about. Read an excerpt from their latest article below, and click here for the entire archive.

' No state suffered as much from the Great Recession as Nevada. No state saw a bigger drop in median incomes or a bigger share of its residents descend into poverty. No state saw higher foreclosure rates or a greater proportion of its mortgages go “underwater.” At the depth of the recession, no state suffered more bankruptcies per capita. While some of this may have been due to factors beyond our control, there is no denying that poor financial decisions contributed to the crisis we experienced. 


Knowing how to manage finances and get access to the resources we need to better our financial prospects, be that education, a job, or a retirement plan, leads to improved financial security. The more we improve our financial security through better-informed decision making, the stronger and more resilient Nevada will be. This in turn will better position us to meet the demands of a global marketplace and strengthen the rungs of our economic ladder. '

Read the full article, and the rest of the archive, here.


WashoeDEMS Elect New E-Board

Congratulations to the newly and re-elected members of the WashoeDEMS Executive Board!  The Central Committee last night elected long-time Party activist Cecilia Colling as the new Chair.  In her remarks, Cecilia said she is ready to work hard to elect Democrats up and down the ballot in 2016.  

Rudy Viola was re-elected as the 1st Vice Chair and volunteer extraordinaire Alice Good was newly elected as 2nd Vice Chair.  Our hard-working Secretary, Dean Schermerhorn, and Treasurer, Laurie Haley, were also re-elected.   

Thanks to Janice Flanagan for all the time and energy she put into her two years as Chair and to Mary Conelly for her very valuable contributions to our efforts. 


New WashoeDEMS Executive Board:

Secretary Dean Schermerhorn

2nd Vice Chair Alice Good

1st Vice Chair Rudy Viola

Treasurer Laurie Haley

Chair Cecilia Colling

Earth Day Voter Registration

Volunteers Needed!


Reno Earth Day is right around the corner and WashoeDEMS will have a voter registration booth!  The event will be held at Idlewild Park between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm on Sunday April 26th.

If you are interested in volunteering for any part of the event, please contact Jim Alanko at jimalanko@msn.com.


If you aren't able to volunteer, please stop by the booth and visit!

10 Reasons You Should Vote Republican

1. You want to finance the wealthy?

You think the banking bailout wasn't enough for the elite? They need tax breaks to invest more in the developing world so their companies become more profitable? Pleas give them tax cuts to do so.

Do you want to decrease unemployment overseas, give corporations tax cuts and breaks to finance their move to the land of cheap labor of their choice? So what if the workers are to young or kept in dormitories and the conditions resemble those of forced labor. You really want that stuff to be so cheap that you can afford it on the unemployment line? Well then:

Vote Republican

2. You believe victims of crime are whiners?

Two wrongs make a right?

Women who are raped and become pregnant should be forced to carry the baby of a crime?

That those complaining of sexual and moral abuse at work are just lazy and have no right to be treated equally at the workplace?

Vote Republican.


3. You believe government services are a waste?

That the fire department, police, schools and hospitals are a drain on the economy we cannot afford. That only the private sector could provide these at an affordable rate, and so what if you cant afford it?

That protecting the environment serves no purpose and is a drain on corporate reserves when the are forced to abide by the minimum guidelines? You believe that market forces are enough to prevent poisonous baby food?

You believe tearing apart mountains or flooding the sea with crude oil are all just part of a viable business model?

Vote Republican

4. You believe whites are the victim of racism?

That this is your country and you want it back, and you believe the days of slavery made you freer? You need someone to look down upon because your life is crap? You need to blame someone else for your own failure to compete in an open market and its all because minorities have some legal protection? You believe that illegal immigrants are taking your jobs away but if you were offered the same working conditions you would run away screaming? 

Vote Republican.

5. You don't believe in social programs?

Well Medicare, Social Security, and SCHIP are drains on those who can afford not to need them. So they should be privatized and hence only serve those that can afford them in the first place. Just think of all that extra money in the stock market you can cheer it volatile rise and spectacular collapse. heck that's the free market for you, so what if the big boys stole all your cash thats the American dream right there! Love it? 

Vote Republican.

6. It's not what you do but what you say that counts?

That even if you are a total sleazeball but say the right things all will be forgiven. That you can lie and steal and waste tax payers money so thoroughly yet claim still to be fiscally conservative with a straight face, and that you can believe and admire others who do the same thing?

Vote Republican

7. Affordable health care is an affront to sanity

It was much better when the insurance companies could cover whom they liked. The rate hikes every so often filled you with joy? That only those with the resources should have access to what you believe was the best service in the world despite all evidence to the contrary?

Vote Republican.

8. Rules are only for poor people?

You believe that making the rich even richer is part of the American dream even though you are more likely only to get there if you win the state lottery? You believe that by supporting the grotesquely wealthy is your sure way into nirvana, and you will protect them come hell or high water even though they laugh at you?

Vote Republican

9. You believe we are on the road to socialism?

The only way to stop this is to hand over government to the corporations and that democratically elected politicians should bow to the will of the very few?

The only good government is one that doesn't interfere with profit taking and is better neither seen or heard? That this rule by the elite is the way to go?

Vote Republican.

10. Your own freedoms are best guaranteed by removing the rights of others?

You believe that LGBT folk don't deserve the same rights as anyone else since this would infringe if not totally destroy your own, it would in fact cause you deep an abiding pain?

You believe that the freedom to worship is a christian right, and any other religion is just plain un-American, and Muslims have a special right to be hounded no matter what? You believe that to avoid the imposition of Sharia law one must impose fundamentalist Christian doctrine first by applying old testament laws?

Vote Republican.


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