Volunteers Needed for Northern Nevada Pride July 26

WashoeDEMS will support the local LGBT community by participating in this colorful and fun event at Wingfield Park onSaturday, July 26.  If you're interested in helping with voter registration and sharing information about our wonderful slate of Democratic candidates, please contact Fred Cooper atfred.i.cooper@sbcglobal.net.  Thanks.  

Democrats Making News




The 2017 CRAB FEED

Saturday, February 25, 2017

5:30 pm
City of Sparks Parks & Recreation Center

98 Richards Way, Sparks, NV

Feast on:

Fresh Cracked Dungeness Crab

Veggie Pasta

Salad & Italian Bread

$65 per person
$500 - Table of 8
$620 - Table of 10

Checks payable to:


1465 Terminal Way, Suite #1

Reno, NV  89502

Tickets available soon at



Washoe Young Democrats Meetup
and Sign Making Social
Tuesday, Jan. 17 from 7-9 pm
WashoeDEMS Headquarters (1465 Terminal Way)

Join us for the first meeting of the year and our first elections! We’ll also be discussing our role in the upcoming Women’s March, and lobbying team meetings and trainings.

During the second hour, we will have a quick review of the ins and outs of peaceful protesting and be making signs to carry in the Reno Women’s March the following Saturday, Jan. 21.


Bonnie Barber
Our Volunteer of the Month!

Bonnie has been a political activist since the late 1970's when she moved to Alaska and joined the Fairbanks Education Association.  She quickly learned how political decisions and who we elect affect education and many other aspects of our daily lives.  

After many years of lobbying for school funding, Bonnie and her family moved to Reno where she joined the American Association of University Women (AAUW), and then, soon after, became a volunteer leader for the Democratic Party and the Obama campaign.  She used her organizing skills to lead her neighborhood team and help carry Washoe County for President Obama and other Democrats on the ballot.

She has been actively engaged in every election since.  Bonnie also staffs our front desk every Friday morning, helps register new voters, and is a member of our 300/300 Campaign.  Thanks, Bonnie, for everything you do!  


Senator Reid: To Deny Our Moral Obligation To Struggling Refugees Would Be To Abandon Our Principles

Washington, D.C. – Nevada Senator Harry Reid spoke on the Senate floor today regarding the recent attacks in Paris and the need for the United States to accept refugees fleeing Syria. Below are his remarks:

The federal government has many obligations, but chief among them is to protect the American people from harm. That responsibility is now at the forefront of talk here in our nation’s capital. And rightfully so. ISIS continues to spread its campaign of terror across the globe. The United States is committed to combating terrorism. Our government will do all possible to protect the people of this nation.

In this fight against the evil ISIS, it is absolutely critical that we, as Americans, do not lose sight of our nation’s core principles. And those principles are eloquently etched into the base of the Statue of Liberty:

“Give me your tired, your poor, 
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, 
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. 
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me”

All across Europe and the Middle East, there are huddled masses of Syrian families desperate to find refuge from the Syrian conflict and the ISIS reign of terror. Millions of Syrians have fled their country for neighboring nations like Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. But the crisis in Syria continues to worsen and people are forced to seek refuge. What else can they do? On a daily basis, Europe’s borders are being flooded by people in search of safety and a better life – mothers cradling infants, and fathers carrying children in their arms.

Read the rest of Senator Reid's statement here.

Meet Thelma Matlin, WashoeDEMS Volunteer of the Month!




Very few people who've been around for awhile don't know Thelma.  She has been one of our most active volunteers since the John Kerry campaign in 2004.


After growing up in Connecticut, believe it or not, Thelma became an active Republican in New Jersey, where she raised her family.  But thank you, Ronald Reagan.  His politics helped Thelma find her way to the Democratic Party, which she joined after moving to California in the early 1980's.  There, she became active in the Sierra Club and remains so to this day.


Since coming to Reno in the late 1990's, Thelma has been involved in many ways - working on campaigns, helping with fundraising events, serving as WashoeDEMS Secretary, and doing what she loves most, registering new voters.  And every Tuesday for the last 10 years, you will have found Thelma staffing the front desk, answering phones, greeting visitors, and just generally keeping some sense of order around here!


Thank you, Thelma.  You're one-of-a-kind and we appreciate all you do. 

Get to Know WashoeDEMS Volunteer of the Month Jim Alanko




Jim grew up on a dairy farm in Owen, Wisconsin.  He sailed with the US Merchant Marines, was a full lieutenant in the Naval Reserve, and graduated from the United States Merchant Marine Academy with a degree in Marine Engineering. After that, Jim graduated from MIT with a master's degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.  Jim enjoyed a long career as a naval architect with United States Lines shipping company, and as a construction engineer with Mervyn's. 

Upon retiring, Jim decided to move to Reno and immediately got involved with the Washoe Dems.  He has always been interested in politics and believes electing the right officials is very important.  Jim has done a wide variety of activities with the Dems, from canvassing and making phone calls to driving in Vice President Joe Biden's motorcade.  Currently Jim mans the front desk on Wednesdays, serves as a member of the Washoe County Democratic Advisory Council and is the co-chair of the Voter Registration Team.

WOW! What a Wonderful Wine Tasting Event!


Thanks to everyone who attended our 2015 Sensational Summer Tasting of Wine and Food at the beautiful Duerr home & garden last Friday.

We relaxed with friends, sipped some great wine, noshed on fabulous food, and just had a good time.  Watch for the photo gallery on Facebook soon!

We have a lot of people to thank, so here goes.  So many people helped out, we hope we don't miss any of you!



Reno City Councilwoman Naomi and Herb Duerr


Wine Sponsors:

Senator Debbie Smith

Assemblywoman Teresa Benitez-Thompson

Assemblywoman Amber Joiner

Reno City Councilwoman Jenny Brekhus

Reno Firefighters Local 731

Democratic Women of Washoe County

Truckee Meadows Democratic Alliance

John Springgate

George Davis

Alice Good

Cecilia Colling

Mike & Laurie Haley

John Saludes

Deb Drum
Thelma Matlin

Dan and Elaine Carrick - winemakers



Marilyn Allen

Cecilia Colling

Fred Cooper

Pam duPre

Laurie Haley

Debbie Kladney

Bonnie Saludes

Raffle Prizes:

Bonnie Saludes

Pam duPre
Elaine and Dan Carrick

The String Beings:

Joan Kruse

Alice Good


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