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President Obama Rocks Washoe County!

President Obama at TMCC

More than 2000 fired-up people yesterday gave President Barack Obama a boisterous welcome to Truckee Meadows Community College where he outlined the distinct differences between his plan to rebuild the economy by and that of his opponent.  

President Obama believes a skilled workforce is critical to keeping America competitive and creating an economy built to last. The President spoke passionately about his own reliance on grants to help fund his higher education and how he has and will continue to help students achieve their dreams of a college education.  

His opponent's plan is to dramatically cut Pell grant funding that would deny college degrees to millions of students.  Instead, Mitt Romney says, aspiring students should "shop around" for a good college deal and borrow money from their parents.  The Romney-Ryan plan for higher education is yet another example of how out-of-touch the multi-millionaire and the right-wing extremist are with most of America.   
Thanks for all you do, Mr. President, and thanks for coming to town!