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The work of the Democratic Party of Washoe County (WashoeDEMS) is accomplished primarily through our generous, dedicated volunteers and donated services and materials. Committees and subcommittees provide vital contributions to the effective and efficient operation of the Party in accomplishing its mission. Committees carry out meaningful activities.


The WashoeDEMS Central Committee elects volunteers to act as an Executive Board (Eboard) which directs the activities of committees and other volunteers. The Bylaws empower the Chair to appoint chairs for standing subcommittees and ad hoc committees to provide a range of volunteer support to the Party.

Most volunteer activities operate at the direction of the Executive Director with some responsible directly to the board or its Chair.

Operating Principles

In general, committees and subcommittees are expected to operate within a transparent environment including regular communication with the Executive Director and the board as to activities undertaken, plans, priorities and recommendations. Each committee and subcommittee must be aware of the current priorities of the board while sharing their wisdom and perspectives relative to those priorities.

There are often points in the course of a committee’s work where it will need to present proposals to the board regarding policies, practices and expenses, with special care not to create obligations for the Party that have not yet been approved.

In general, committees and subcommittees should adhere to traditional best practices such as regular meetings, distributed agendas, open and non-discriminatory membership, recording and reporting of activity. Committee chairs, with support of the executive director and the board, are responsible to recruit and involve volunteers as required to accomplish the work of the committee. Also, committees and subcommittees should be wary of conflicts of interest in suggesting financial remuneration or exclusive work contracts to volunteer committee members.

At all times it is incumbent on our staff and volunteer leadership to respect and honor our volunteers serving on committees and subcommittees by providing clear leadership, needed information and tools, meaningful work, a substantial result and appreciation for their time and efforts.

Standing Committees

Here is a list of WashoeDEMS standing committees:
     Finance -
     Financial Review
     Membership -

Ad Hoc Committees

Here is a list of current and former WashoeDEMS Ad hoc committees:

     By Laws Review -
     Candidate Development -
     Communications/PR -
     Development -
     Facilities -
     Field Operations -
     Voter Registration -