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If you are a registered Democrat in Washoe County, your greatest opportunity to participate in the grassroots activity of your Democratic Party of Washoe County (WashoeDEMS) is to become a member of the Central Committee. This is where your voice is heard, wanted and needed!

Nevada law specifies that county political parties be governed by a Central Committee. All registered Democrats belong to the Democratic Party, but only Central Committee members can vote on county party policy. 

The Central Committee is responsible to further the mission of the WashoeDEMS: To encourage and facilitate the participation of Democrats in Party activities; to recruit and assist Party members to seek public office; to support Democrats serving in elected public office; and to advance the principles and positions of the Democratic Party.

Every two years the Central Committee elects an Executive Board comprised of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Member at Large to lead the Party. Through election of the board and votes at Central Committee meetings and the biennial County Convention, Central Committee members determine the Party’s Bylaws, policies and priorities.

Membership on the Central Committee is by election at either the County Convention or a quarterly business meeting of the Central Committee. The maximum number of members of the Central Committee is determined by a legal formula reflecting the number of registered Democrats in Washoe County. In 2017, that number is 475. Membership is restricted to Democrats currently registered with the Washoe County Registrar of Voters and residing in Washoe County.

Central Committee members are encouraged to attend monthly meetings (currently held on the first Tuesday evening of the month at 6 p.m.), receive WashoeDEMS newsletters, participate in Party fundraisers and other activities, and be financial contributors. Monthly public meetings provide a forum to discuss Party activities, finances and issues, and to conduct Party business. Four meetings a year, one per quarter, are “business” meetings in which motions are received and votes taken by Central Committee members.

WashoeDEMS wholeheartedly invites both new and long-standing Party members to participate in all aspects of party activities. Ongoing involvement in election and non-election years is the lifeblood of our organization. If you are interested in membership on the Central Committee, please sign up on this website, e-mail the Executive Director at or call 775.323.8683.


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